We’re Merging Neurogenetics with Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Project Management to Create a More Biologically Optimized User Experience, called “Neural Experience” or “NX®”

With NX, we help you take user experience (UX) to a more human-level by integrating a digital ecosystem of services that optimizes your brand’s digital touch-points with how your customers learn.

From Head to Heart, Our Goal is to Help Your Brand Connect with Your Customers on a Deeper, More Meaningful Level

Every company seeks to build higher engagement with their customers, yet they have little-to-no insight on how their customers’ brains actually work, what’s most meaningful to them, or much less, how to truly create a biological change within their neurobiology. We fill this gap by integrating our team of trained neuromarketing experts, brand creators, copywriters, web, and software developers to create a biologically optimized user experience (NX) within your brand. From branding to user interface we create a deeper, more meaningful experience that better connects your customer to your brand, not just to drive your revenue, but to open the pathways of communicating the meaning and purpose of your brand to the people that matter most  your customers.

Here's what our clients use NX for...

Tap into your customer’s meaning networks to cultivate a passionate culture around your brand using the neuroscience of brand engagement
Develop high-level custom software solutions that meet your goals, budget, and timeline
Increase your online engagement on all-fronts
Optimize conversion rates and sales funnels
Design website UI and copy around how the human mind actually works
Save measurable time and budget on large projects
Scale your business growth with our growth hacking digital marketing strategies
Outmaneuver your competition with more online visibility and engagement

Our 4 Transformative NX® Solutions

Our focus is centered around four transformative solutions, in Neuromarketing (Neurobiological Optimized Digital Marketing)  Each building off the other and completing your entire ecosystem of your digital needs; built to be fully turnkey, ready to integrate into your business.

Our Focus

Our focus is centered around 4 Transformative Solutions, in Neuromarketing, Digital Marketing, User Experience, Project Management, and Web Development. Each built to be fully turnkey – Ready to Integrate into your Business.

NX Optimization – Optimize your UI and UX components to maximize neural synapses

Hire us to work directly with your in-house team of developers, brand builders, videographers and copywriters to develop customer touch-points that maximize the neural impact of your brand on every medium necessary. From branding and market positioning, to website UX and UI, videos, social media, email marketing, and advertising. We know how to optimize the neural experience of your customer and operate as your in-house expert to work with your team.

NX Neuromarketing Solutions – Build an ad campaign that creates more biological change and drives higher returns

Hire us to direct your digital marketing strategy and execution. We use our insights to align with your customer’s meaning networks, in order for you to quickly capture new markets, build your search visibility, collapse your sales cycle, extend your reach, increase conversion rates, reduce cost, and help you rank for keywords that apply to your customer’s purchase intent. We have developed the full-digital ecosystem of digital marketing to help your business grow.

Full-Stack Custom Website and App Development – Let our team of trained designers and developers build a truly “mindful” user interface for you

We build interfaces that connect better with people, on a timely manner that synchronizes with your timeline and budget. Our full-stack team of highly-vetted web developers and project managers design high-level custom websites, mobile apps, software, API, and eCommerce solutions for not just you, but for your customers who interact with your brand. All projects are implemented through our blueprint process – designed to reduce your cost and development time. 

The Project Captain

All of our projects are lead by a Project Captain – a project hero dedicated to lead the charge of your next project’s development. The Project Hero is a neurogenetics-based operational methodology built to reduce project costs, organize teams (both internal and external) and operate as either an in-house turnkey project manager for your companies’ next big project. Furthermore, we’ve devised a system that measures production and can quantify your savings as the project is managed.  

Our 4 Transformative NX® Solutions

Our focus is centered around four transformative solutions, in Neuromarketing (Neurobiological Optimized Digital Marketing) – Each building off the other and completing your entire ecosystem of your digital needs; built to be fully turnkey, ready to integrate into your business.

The NX Blueprint Process

The NX Blueprint process is a proprietary process we developed to save your development project from costly revisions due to poor planning. Our developers are able to build a semi-functional mockup of your website or application that allows for unlimited revisions and adjustments before its actually developed. The NX Blueprint process typically reduces your overall development cost by 30%

Identify Your Target Market ahead of time

The NX Blueprint helps us answer the important questions about your product, idea, or application before investing the time and capital to develop the project. What is the product’s value? Who is going to be the core customer? What do we need at a minimum to bring this product to market? This helps identify the actual scope and size of the product before diving into development. It eliminates scope creep and unforeseen budget increases. Simply, it prepares you to develop as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

Build a Working Prototype to Measure Viability Ahead of Time

The NX Blueprint Session is a four to six week process where we dive deep into the concept of your product, design a solution, and prepare everything you need to develop your product the correct way. At the end of the Blueprint Session, you’ll come out with a clickable prototype, a step-by-step blueprint for development, and the knowledge that your product is ready for version 1.0. You can then hire us to build the application, or use this as an RFP.

Designed to Reduce Development Time and Costs

The Blueprint Session is broken down into several phases, each designed to push you closer to being ready for development. At every phase, our goal is to learn about your product and users, and ensure that all of the hidden surprises are ironed out. It’s to prevent you from getting in over your head and to prevent development from eating up unnecessary budget and time.

Stop Overpaying for underdevelopment

Unlike other fields, the space of digital marketing and custom software is rife for unnecessary scope creep and assumed knowledge. A painter coming to your business to estimate how long it will take to paint all of the offices is a far cry from something as detailed as a digital marketing plan or custom software. The NX Blueprint allows you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you will get and how long it will take.

See what a client had to say:

“Their development process is very concise and breaks big projects down into manageable pieces. I highly recommend NX and their top notch team.”

– Garrett Konrad, COO of IFC

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