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Pure Luxury

Pure Luxury Transportation is the embodiment of traveling in style. Equipped with a competitive fleet of luxury vehicles, the executive transportation company continues to set the standard for chauffeured travel throughout Sonoma, Napa Valley, the Bay Area, and across the globe.

Case Study

The Client

While the name does its best to capture the essence of what the brand is all about, one almost needs to partake in the Pure Luxury experience to truly appreciate its value.

With more than 25 years of experience arrang

The Need

Although at a first glance Pure Luxury appeared to have every piece of the puzzle in place, a closer look revealed that a major overhaul of the company’s website was necessary to help catapult its online image and identity.

At the time, Pure Luxury’s website was outdated and—for lack of a better word—challenged.

Despite the level of transportation and customer service excellence the company was known for providing, its previous website failed to effectively communicate its successes.

We knew we had to fix that…and fast.

Pure Luxury’s needs were layered upon the company’s vow to give its customers an unparalleled transportation experience from start to finish.

Well, for many of those customers, the ‘start’ of that experience began with a visit to the Pure Luxury website.

Hence, the urgent need for a makeover.

The Challenges

There’s nothing new about the luxury transportation industry. There are a lot of competitors vying for the attention, business, and loyalty of consumers who require such services.

Here is where the major challenge lied in this project.

Because there are already so many competitors, Pure Luxury’s new site would require a level of design and functionality that set it apart from others who did what they did.

In other words, the company needed a site that would help it leverage its relationships and reputation. Don’t get us wrong, we know that when it comes time to provide customers with premium, priority ground travel options (and service), Pure Luxury cannot be outperformed.

However, the company’s previous website was standing in the way of it going from good to great.

Luckily, Pure Luxury already has a solid reputation with its existing customers and is well connected with wineries across the areas of California that it serves—two valuable elements that made making this goal a reality that much easier.

The NX Solution

We immediately pinpointed the basic objectives for the new Pure Luxury site: improve layout, functionality, and appeal.

Now it was time to outline the specifics of a design that would be more fitting for communicating the possibilities of Pure Luxury’s products and service.

During our second trip to the drawing board, we laid out the details:


– Incorporate elements of modern design

– Reflect company’s values through messaging and layout

– Enhance color scheme to trigger emotions, responses, and favorable resulting behaviors

– Showcase fleet and most popular offerings

– Bring transportation occasion options to the forefront

– Make booking and log-in options easily accessible

– Make call and chat buttons easily accessible

– Incorporate header video that showcases Pure Luxury’s fleet options and features

– Optimize the site for mobile

– Add large social media and app store icons

General pages:

– Create polished individual pages for each tour and transportation option

– Use full-sized media to showcase product offerings being used by actual Pure Luxury customers

In addition to web design, Pure Luxury was in the market for custom tour software that visitors could use to put together custom transportation packages. The software would need to allow users to choose everything from vehicle type to custom dates, location, and the number of people that would be in attendance.

The Details

We knew that this project would really put our design prowess to the test—but for good reason.

We prepared for the project by first getting all of our p’s and q’s in order to ensure we had a solid working timeline that allowed for drafts, additional discussion, and other factors that would go into making this project as successful as possible.

The work

Keeping with the momentum we’d created in the planning phase, we began by considering designs that would cater to the needs and expectations of those that would be using the site the most: Pure Luxury customers.

While we wanted to make sure the design was hitting on all cylinders, we were sure to omit features that would be too heavy, complicated, or otherwise unnecessary.

We always have a lot of fun with this part of our projects as it gives us the opportunity to operate in a creative capacity and become further inspired by collaborations with the client.

Next, we turned our attention to the custom transportation software.

Knowing how important such a feature would be for users of the site, we made haste to design a software that fit the bill, and integrated it into the new design.

The beauty of this custom software was that it would allow users to, literally, customize their ideal transportation package. This included allowing them to:

– Select the type of vehicle they required for their upcoming occasion

– Select the number of people who would be in attendance

– Select their desired location (either from a pre-set group of wineries or by entering their own location)

After marrying the design with the software, we moved into the testing phase. Aside from a few simple fixes, everything operated seamlessly.
Shortly thereafter, we launched the new Pure Luxury site.

The Highlights

Any web design company worth its salt knows that functionality is the bread and butter of great design.

When Pure Luxury came to us, its website paled in comparison to the uniqueness, responsiveness, and overall functionality of its competitors’ sites.

But, we thrive on the ability to make good things great, so this was not a pain point.

We can honestly say that injecting suitable functionality into great design was the highlight of this entire experience.

Another notable high point was making sure that any media used on the site was both relatable and descriptive—allowing users to experience Pure Luxury before ever experiencing it, if you know what we’re saying.

The Results

We’re happy to say that the caliber and character of the Pure Luxury brand is no longer being undermined by outdated web design.

The good folks over at Pure Luxury were over the moon about their new site, and expressed utter appreciation in their glowing feedback of the project.

We are really proud of the work we delivered on this project—and we think you will be too.

Please, take a few moments to look through the site we put together for this incredible luxury transportation company.

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