Custom Software Development

What does the human brain have to do with custom software development? How does neurobiology affect coding, and why does this matter to you?

Too many software developers are glorified, order takers. They rely on you, the customer, to tell them every last detail of how the software should look, work, and function.

NX gets into the brains of your users, both internal users and customers, and helps you craft your software or web application idea into something that is reliable, easy to use, and gives your business tools it never dreamed of.


Consumers demand to be connected. Constantly.

So when your brand is ready to offer a custom application that delivers on that demand, you don’t have time to worry about lengthy time-to-market, security risks, or software that doesn’t work properly.

Your business deserves a custom solution that’s scaled by predictable performance, end-to-end efficiency, and that accurately represents your brand and vision – on every device.

Web Apps

Custom, enterprise-level software designed to help you reenergize your brand and attract and deliver results.

API Development

The API business model is here and it’s growing. Your business can use an API to connect with other companies and allow your services or products to be sold in apps and on the web. 

Mobile/Desktop Apps

If your customers are mobile, then your business should be as well. Keep up with the expectations and needs of your most valuable assets.

Automated Processes

Time is money in your business. The more time your employees spend doing routine and mundane tasks, the less opportunity your business has to scale. Automate manual processes with our custom software solutions. 

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